HydroSilex Complete Solution Kit


The HydroSilex Complete Solution Kit is the ideal prep, cleaning, disinfectant and protection system for multi-purpose use. This complete package is excellent for use on your car, home, or office.

With the HydroSilex Complete Solution Kit you have everything you need to clean and prep any surface which you then protect with the included Recharge DIY ceramic coating. The kit includes solutions for smooth surfaces as well as fabrics and leathers.

This kit includes:

  • 16 oz Rewind
  • 16oz Recharge
  • 8oz Relax
  • 10 Pack Microfiber Towels

HydroSilex Rewind Cleaning and Prep

With this kit you prep and surface using the bottle of Rewind and some of the microfiber towels for cleaning. Rewind can be used for interiors and exteriors in cars as well as most surfaces around the home and office, including fabrics. The formula is non-toxic for humans and pets.

The composition of the formula is anti-microbial because it breaks down molecules in a way that makes it so membranes that hold micro-organisms together disintegrate. This make Rewind great at killing pathogens that can make you sick. Something that's extremely useful around the home, but also in your car and office.

HydroSilex Recharge Coating

After your are done cleaning and prepping smooth surfaces, that's when you apply HydroSilex Recharge. For this you will use clean microfiber towels from the included 10-pack. This is an easy process and is great for all smooth surfaces. This includes the exterior of your car, your desk, mirrors, counter tops, fridges and stoves. Coating surfaces with Recharge will aid greatly in protecting them and keeping them clean and shiny for much longer.

HydroSilex Relax Coating

For surface composed of fabrics, textiles and leather this is what you would use in place of Recharge. After cleaning, disinfecting and prepping with Rewind, you apply this coating, again using the included microfiber towels to spread and remove excess.

The include high-quality professional grade microfiber towels can then be washed and reused. We do recommend that you keep prepping and cleaning towels separate from the coating and polishing towels, as well as wash them separate. This will keep cross-contamination under control.

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