Foam Gun

It's a foam party! Just connect to any garden hose and drop some serious suds.  This unique design offers a quick connect hose nozzle to let you go back to rinsing your wheels, tires, and other exterior components off without dousing them with suds. HydroSilex's Foam Gun produces a thick sudsy wash foam with increased lubricity to avoid any unwanted scratches during your wash process.
    • No pressure washer needed.
    • Cost effective washing.
    • Blends water with soap for deep-cleaning action.
    • In-Line filter mesh screen captures any extra abrasive particles flowing through water pipes and Hoses.
    • High quality Brass fittings and fade resistant plastic.
    Tips For Use:
      1. Fill the bottle with hot/warm water before adding soap - this helps your solution mix together.
      2. Add 3-4 oz of HydroSilex Silica Soap.
      3. Wide fan spray the vehicle for maximum coverage. 
      4. When setting up your car wash foam gun, you’ll have the option of 5 separate metering tips to control just how much soap you want to run through (we recommend the MOST). The wide coverage will cut down your wash time significantly and allow you to focus on the more tedious aspects of washing and letting the larger chunks become a breeze!

    Excellent for use on cars, boats and any surface where foaming suds will make the job of cleaning that much better. The thick foam also aids in preventing scratches during routine washes.

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