HydroSilex Rewind Multi-Surface Cleaning Kit with 10 Microfiber Towels



  • Rewind spray bottle (16oz or 32oz) - $20-$47 Value
  • 10 Microfiber towels - $20 Value

HydroSilex Rewind is a multi-surface cleaning product designed to strip away contaminants and purify all surfaces treated.


The formula in non-toxic to humans and pets, however it destroys microbes on contact.

The composition of the formula is anti-microbial because it breaks down molecules in a way that makes it so membranes that hold micro-organisms together disintegrate. HydroSilex Rewind isn’t simply a disinfectant. This product was original formulated to strip oils, grease and waxes off a plethora of surfaces. Its ability to do this so well yields its great anti-microbial qualities. This makes it a great disinfectant which is safe to use around the home or office.

We offer HydroSilex Rewind in kit form with 10 microfiber towels. You can choose the 16oz bottle or get more for your money with the 32oz bottle.

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