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HydroSilex - Ceramic Coatings

HydroSilex is the first “professional” coating that doesn’t need a professional to do the install. The simplicity of the installation makes HydroSilex into the perfect coating for the DIY.

Once applied HydroSilex cures into a durable transparent ceramic layer on top of the substrate. The new top layer adds shine and protects the substrate from getting in contact with contaminants, UV, minor scratches and other harmful chemicals. 

HYDROSILEX  - As a maintenance Spray
Ceramic coatings will not perform as promised unless they are cared for. HydroSilex is the perfect product for your already installed professional coating. 

Protect Your Investment

5 min Installation

Installing HydroSilex is not like any other ceramic coating. Once the coating hits the surface it automatically bonds and levels out evenly creating a perfect finish. no elbow grease and you are done in a minute. 

New look Forever

With HydroSilex you build layers. The more frequent you use HydroSilex the better the more shine and better protection you will get.  HydroSilex is the next generation of  ceramic coatings on the market!

Revitalize all surfaces

The nano particles in HydroSilex prevents the already professional installed  coatings, clear bras or wraps to deteriorate. HydroSilex has proven to be the perfect maintenance coating for all major coating brands such as Opticoat and Ceramic Pro. Works great on vinyl wrapped surfaces and paint protection film. Providing a slick easy-to-clean surface and UV protection.