How To Apply RV And Camper Ceramic Coatings?

How To Apply RV And Camper Ceramic Coatings?

What is the best ceramic coating for your RV or Camper? What is the process? Let's find out more from HydroSilex!

Why Should We Consider Ceramic Coating Products For RV’s and Campers?

Protect the high gloss finish

Not just protecting your RV or Camper’s finish but also preserving its value. It is also a terrific method to maintain your RV or Camper’s brand new appeal, which may assist you in avoiding being rejected a campsite reservation because your RV is older than ten years.

Remove the contaminants

Thanks to the hydrophobic features of these coatings they can repel water that sticks to the RV or Camper’s paint. This will make cleaning much easier and less time consuming.

Maintain Your Paint

Ceramic coating offers a protective barrier on the body of your RV or Camper that prevents it from causing harm. It reduces fading, oxidation, and chemical staining, without displaying any apparent effects. Furthermore, ceramic coating helps protect from UV radiation, which can cause oxidation.

What Is The Process Of Applying Ceramic Coating to a RV or Camper?

The preparatory work may vary significantly depending on the ceramic coating used. The fundamental technique will consist of the given stages.


Initially, you wash your car with soap and water, removing any dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Then, using the clay bar, apply car shampoo, which assists in the removal of tiny particles and other impurities that may have remained on your vehicle after the wash. Clay will penetrate the paint's microscopic pores, clean any dirt, and eliminate any adhered pollutants. HydroSilex provides all necessary products to get the job done.

HydroSilex All-Purpose Cleaner is a technologically superior all-purpose cleaner with a foundation that is safe for use on all surfaces. This innovative combination enables you to depend on HydroSilex All-Purpose Cleaner for the majority of cleaning activities around the house, RV, or boat. Our recipe is a ready-to-use combination, making it simple to use directly from the bottle on demand.


  • Use this potent degreaser on engine bays, wheel wells, exhaust tips, door jambs, and other very soiled locations.
  • An excellent choice for clearing tire grime (instantly dissolves brown marks on your tires)
  • Non-corrosive to paint, plastics, and metals.
  • Decontaminates, degreases, and cleans.
  • Use when something more substantial than vehicle wash soap is required.
  • Made in America


Before applying the ceramic coating, provide a final polish to the RV or Camper. Polishing will enhance the look of the ceramic coating and eliminate any lingering impurities. Depending on the state of your car, it it could take you three and six hours.

Apply A Coating To The Camper or RV

You must apply the coating to the paint's surfaces with care. You then need to level the material so there are no high spots and then left to cure to adhere to the surface properly. A trained detailer should only be applying your ceramic coating.

How long does a ceramic RV coating typically last?

The durability of a ceramic coating depends on several variables, including the coating's quality, the number of layers applied, and whether or not it is well maintained. The cheapest ceramic coatings probably won't last more than a year. The most costly alternatives may last the life of your RV.

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The Best Ceramic Coating Products At HydroSilex

HydroSilex Camper & RV is a ceramic surface coating specially designed for motorhomes, campers, and RVs. The layer will improve the aesthetic appeal of the treated surfaces and protect against oxidation and UV radiation. It produces a surface that is very slippery and ultra-glossy, which repels surface impurities.


  • Keeps your RV looking newer for longer
  • Spend less time cleaning your RV/camping van and more time enjoying up to six months of Durable protection with just one application of simple spray-on and wipe-off formula.
  • No dry time allowing immediate use of the vehicle
  • Dirt and grime won't adhere to the paint, gel coat, or trim, making cleaning recreational vehicles simpler.
  • Eliminates the protection of wax or paint sealant
  • Applicable to paint, plastics, fiberglass, gel coat, and more.
  • American-made

HydroSilex Camper and RV Ceramic Coatings are a superb option for keeping your camper and RV in the best condition possible! HydroSilex provides superior products for a protective coating against severe weather conditions! Visit to get the finest ceramic coating products available on the market today!