HydroSilex is proud to present another addition to its fantastic product collection. Our Tire Shine is a dream product for most car owners who want to see their tires shining and clean.

Furthermore, it is long-lasting, and your car's tires look tidy, clean, and spotless for extended periods. This formula is also Sio2 infused, which means it does not let bothering water droplets stick to your tires - they remain dry and polished.

Please keep reading to learn more about the latest Tire Shine brought to you by HydroSilex.

It gives the perfect shine.

As the name suggests that it is shiner and a conditioner. The shiner part starts its work by seeping into the tire and getting rid of contaminants that would harm their wellbeing. It also removes brown spots and other unwanted dots that are gaze-killers. The conditioner part provides an extra glossy look. It leaves behind a layer of 'water-repellant' Sio2 which creates a high tension yet slippery surface for water droplets, and whenever a drop or splash of water comes its way, it slides down without sticking to your tires.

It goes deep

It seeps deep into your ties and provides a professional and long-lasting service.

A color Booster

It is equipped with color-matching technology, which does not let it damage or fade your original colors. Instead, it will boost the actual color providing an optimal finish to your tires.

Easy to apply

You can use it with ease with the help of an applicator included in the package if you buy any of Tire Shine from HydroSilex.

Fantastic reviews

We have a massive following on our numerous social media pages and our official website. Reviews let you know about the credibility and quality of a company's products.

You will find excellent and positive feedback from numerous customers on our products, including the Tire Shine and Conditioner. Be careful once you get used to our products, you will never stop.


HydroSilex has been around for more than 25 years and has always tried to bring top-grade products to its consumers. We have always been careful with the prices that we ask our customers to pay, which has made HydroSilex one of the most cost-effective brands in the market.

Moreover, our Tire Shine and Conditioner has gained a lot of fame in the USA and other parts of the world.

Don't believe us? Try for yourself!