Hydrosilex Recharge Ceramic Coating

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HydroSilex Recharge is our flagship product and the center of our entire product line. Recharge is the ideal ceramic coating for those that prefer to do it themselves.

  • HydroSilex Recharge creates a protective surface layer that is water repellent.

  • Can be applied over an existing ceramic coating to maintain the surface. 
  • 6 months of protection with our ceramic coating formula.

  • A ceramic shield for your car's paint that replaces old wax and sealants.

  • A safeguard against nature's harshest elements.

  • Quick & easy application.

  • Safe on all exterior surfaces.

  • Safe on paint protection film.

* Best if used within 1 year of purchase.


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HydroSilex Recharge DIY Spray Ceramic Coating HydroSilex Recharge DIY Spray Ceramic Coating

Easy Spray

DIY ceramic coating
Ceramic Coat it Yourself with HydroSilex Recharge Ceramic Coat it Yourself with HydroSilex Recharge

6+ Month

When you'd much rather ceramic coat it yourself
Ceramic Shield for Your Car's Paint Ceramic Shield for Your Car's Paint

A Ceramic Shield for Your Car's Paint

Don't compromise when it comes to your prized vehicle

HydroSilex Recharge Install Quick Tips:

Recharge should be applied to a clean surface that has been washed and cleaned.

We recommend using HydroSilex Surface Prep spray prior to applying Recharge for the best possible results.

HydroSilex Recharge can be layered and requires no cure time between layers. For best performance we recommend 2 layers.

HydroSilex can be applied over a previous ceramic coating.

Hydrosilex Recharge can be applied over wax, however, durability will be compromised as the wax or sealants below it wash away.

Not only is HydroSilex Recharge safe, but it’s easy to install and can be used on any surface. It provides professional quality results and is perfectly suited as a standalone coating or as additional care and protection for professionally installed ceramic coatings, car wraps or paint protection film.

Recharge will bond to surfaces easily and does not require extra leveling like other ceramic coatings. As it cures it will create a smooth and shiny top ceramic layer protecting the surface against the sun, rain, dirt and other harsh elements.

HydroSilex Recharge will keep your car, bike, boat or virtually any smooth surface clean and looking new!