Ceramic Waterless Wash

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HydroSilex Ceramic Waterless Wash is an advanced ultra-slick formula created to enhance your car detailing experience. The solution encapsulates contaminants with a slippery coat which allows dirt to easily be wiped off the surface without leaving micro scratches behind. Given the formula is ceramic-based, it makes for a great way to maintain surfaces coated with HydroSilex Recharge.

  • SIO2-Infused - Ceramic Formula

  • Leaves behind a gloss finish

  • Works great as a quick detailer to wipe down a dusty car

  • An excellent solution to maintain HydroSilex Recharge

  • Can be used on un-coated, waxed, or ceramic coated surfaces 

  • Waterless washing or quick detailing

  • Quick and easy way to wipe down your car without harming the paint

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SIO2 Infused for a long lasting shine


Quickly wipe down a dusty car

Ceramic Coatings

Excellent solution for maintaining HydroSilex Recharge

Use On
Any Surface

Can be used on un-coated, waxed, or ceramic coated surfaces

Recommended Use

Work in the shade. Spray HydroSilex Ceramic Waterless Wash on vehicle surface, working in small manageable areas. Fold a microfiber towel over to create multiple wiping surfaces. Lightly run the microfiber towel over the surface to pick up surface particles. Turn the towel over and spray the vehicle surface again. This time wipe with slightly more pressure. Continue spraying and wiping with a clean side of the towel until the surface is clean.