Benefits of Interior Car Detailing

Benefits of Interior Car Detailing

What do you consider to be a clean vehicle? Is it a car with a shiny paint job that is brand-new? This is insufficient; a clean car must also have a clean interior. When you drive, you enter an enclosed world. Therefore, having dust and debris in your vehicle is harmful. Air quality-related allergies and other health problems may be avoided by interior detailing. HydroSilex will explain the significance of interior car detailing and the most effective cleaning products!

Enhance the quality of the indoor air

Cleaning the inside of the car helps create a pleasant environment for you and your passengers, ensuring that the area is constantly smelling fresh, clean, and organized whenever you enter the vehicle.

Keeping your car's interior in pristine condition will extend its lifetime.

After a while, the car's leather and plastic components may become brittle or discolored due to environmental conditions. Therefore, car care facilities often use specialized products to preserve leather and plastic surfaces. These products moisturize the leather while maintaining its supple flexibility and protecting it from UV radiation.

Identify uncommon issues for early repair.

Checking and cleaning the inside of your vehicle regularly allows for detecting signals of deterioration, which is another crucial reason for this maintenance. You will have improved safety precautions, guaranteeing that every trip is always risk-free.

Enhance Security

Detailing the interior of a vehicle may help decrease accidents. Because frequently washing the windshield helps guarantee that it is clear of stains that could effect the driver's eyesight. 

Superior Interior Car Detailing From HydroSilex

HydroSilex offers the most advanced ceramic coatings and detail products in the industry. Get your full detail kit stocked with our flagship products: Rewind, Recharge, Silica Soap, Slick, a pack of microfiber towels, and Tire Shine Applicator. All in one full detail kit for the car enthusiast.

HydroSilex Full Detail Kit includes:


  • Rewind - HydroSilex Rewind is a wax and grease remover ideal to use prior to installing HydroSilex ceramic coatings.
  • Recharge - HydroSilex Recharge protects virtually any type of surface. Easy installation and once cured, it creates a transparent top layer that adds gloss and protects from the elements.
  • Silica Soap - Aftercare soap specifically for HydroSilex ceramic coated surfaces for the automotive industry. It will refresh your ceramic coating and make it look as new as when it was first applied. 
  • Slick - HydroSilex Slick is an innovative tire conditioning and shine product. Slick offers long-lasting deep luster and smooth shine without the usual mess and sling. With unique color-matching technology, HydroSilex Slick darkens weathered tires to look brand new. Easy to apply, quick-drying and non-sling.
  • 10 pack of Microfiber Towels - Professional grade and specifically designed to prevent scratching of the vehicle's paint through use.
  • 1 Tire Shine Applicator - Contour Tire Applicator keeps hands away from chemicals. Contoured handle shapes the foam to the tire's surface.

HydroSilex Interior Cleaner & Protection kit combines the best of both worlds. A very thorough cleaner for interior plastic, leather, and vinyl surfaces and our Interior ceramic coating which is designed to condition and protect all automotive interior materials such as plastic, leather, and vinyl. This kit makes cleaning and protection a one-stop-shop.


  • Great for Leather Seats, Dash, and Door Panels
  • All the Essentials to keep your interior  looking new
  • Protect your Interior from Premature Aging
  • Cleans All Interior Surfaces
  • Maintains Original Factory Sheen and finish while enhancing color
  • Gentle on your interior, Tough on Dirt
  • Made in the USA

HydroSilex Interior Cleaner is a very thorough cleaner for interior plastic, leather, and vinyl surfaces. Our Interior cleaner is a powerful formula that breaks down the toughest stains, dirt, and build up that occurs on the interior of your vehicle. A specially designed formula that makes cleaning the interior of your car a breeze! 

  • Effective cleaner for all interior surfaces of your car 
  • Safe on all interior surfaces such as plastic, leather, carpets, and more
  • Removes dirt, grime, oils, and most stains 
  • Maintains all interior factory color and sheen 
  • Can be used as a prep product prior to applying interior protection 
  • Dye-free formula with an odor-free formula 
  • Restores your interior to factory finish 


HydroSilex is your go-to vendor anytime you need a chemical product for your car. In addition, taking care after your automobile's plastics and leather is essential if you want them to seem beautiful. Our products will become your greatest ally in maintaining your investment.