How to remove water stains from your car?

How to remove water stains from your car Hydrosilex

Water spots on your car’s paintwork can cause the exterior to look worn and dull. They will decrease the market value of your car at the same time as making it look ugly! So how can we remove these water stains? Let's follow this article by the team at HydroSilex to get some tips for car detailing about how to remove water stains from your car.

Where Do Water Stains Come From?

The water stains on your car's body and windows come from acid rain and improper car wash methods. Water stains include a high percentage of calcium and magnesium, among other minerals. As water spots evaporate, they leave minerals that appear white when dried.

How Can We Eliminate Water Spots On Car Paint?

Use a Basic Wash and Dry Method

  • Prepare to Clean

One bucket should be filled with warm, soapy water, while the other should be filled with clean rinse water. Prepare a hose, a soft washing mitt or sponge, and dry or microfiber towels.

  • Scrub with a Soft Mitt

Utilize a two-bucket cleaning approach in which you soak the washing mitt in soapy water and wash the stained area. Then, rinse the mitt in the bucket of clean water. Resoak the mitt in soapy water and continue to wash.

  • Rinse

Rinse the car with clean water from the hose, ensuring no remaining suds.

  • Quickly Dry

Start drying the car immediately, wiping from the top down with towels or rags. If feasible, enlist the assistance of a helper to wipe the water before it evaporates.


Water Spot Removal

When removing isolated water stains from your automobile, a commercial water spot remover is one of the most effective methods.

Spot removers contain a variety of chemicals. Mineral oil is added to purified, distilled water as a lubricant. The ideal surfaces for water spot removers include paint, glass, chrome, and metals. They are most effective when applied to glossy paint surfaces and should not be used on flat or matte surfaces.

  • Product In Use

Apply water spot remover with a foam applicator to the affected areas.

  • Scuff and Dry

The substance should be rubbed onto the paint in two or three passes. Lastly, remove the compound with a dry, clean towel.

Additional Recommendations for Cleaning Water Stains

Detailing clay is a professional detailer's secret weapon for tiny areas with extremely tenacious watermarks. Similar to soft artist's clay, detailing clay is available in little bars that may be kneaded, molded, and utilized similarly to an eraser.


Utilize detailing clay with the lubricant supplied in the package. This particular clay is most effective for tiny, isolated water spots. Additionally, it is ideal for persistent water stains since it shears off the mineral residue.

The Best Water Stains Removal Products At HydroSilex

Microfiber Towels

Professional quality microfibre towels with several uses

HydroSilex microfiber towels

HydroSilex microfiber towels are designed for use on any surface and are of professional quality. Our microfiber's superior quality is excellent for avoiding scratches. It implies that our towels are great for cleaning and sanitizing premium surfaces, such as costly furniture, complex appliances, computer displays, televisions, and similar surfaces, without leaving any marks.

HydroSilex microfiber cloths were designed for use in detailing premium vehicles. No other surface demands a vehicle finish's unique care and consideration regarding washing and polishing. HydroSilex microfiber towels are the preferred choice of auto detailers worldwide. The towel color may vary.

HydroSilex All-purpose Cleaner

hydrosilex all purpose cleaner

HydroSilex All-Purpose Cleaner is a technologically superior all-purpose cleaner with a safe foundation for all surfaces. This innovative combination enables you to rely on HydroSilex All-Purpose Cleaner for most home, RV, or boat cleaning activities. Our recipe is a ready-to-use combination, making it simple to use directly from the bottle on demand.

  • Use this potent degreaser on engine bays, wheel wells, exhaust tips, door jambs, and other soiled places.
  • An exceptional choice for clearing tire grime ( instantly dissolves brown marks on your tires)
  • Non-corrosive to paint, plastics, and metals.
  • Decontaminates, degreases, and cleans
  • Use when something stronger than vehicle wash soap is required.
  • Made in the USA

Exterior Prep And Protection Kit


HydroSilex Recharge is the centerpiece of our product line and our flagship product. Recharge is the best ceramic coating for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

  • HydroSilex Recharge generates a water-repellent protective surface layer.
  • Can be put on top of an existing ceramic coating to preserve the surface.
  • Our ceramic coating solution provides six months of protection.
  • A ceramic shield that replaces outdated wax and sealants for your car's paint.
  • Protection from the worst forces of nature.
  • Rapid and simple application.
  • Safe for use on all external surfaces and with paint protection film.

Remove water stains to keep your car’s exterior pristine and retain the car's value. Visit for more information on the best water stain removal products for your vehicle!