Tips for Cleaning the Exterior of Your Vehicle


Cleaning your automobile might be as simple as spraying down the body and wheels, or it might be a more comprehensive service which includes cleaning the interior and the exterior of your car. For best results, get your automobile into the shade, to a cool temperature before doing any exterior cleaning

To clean the exterior and wheels of your car, it’s important to use products specially designed for this purpose. So what are the best products to clean the exterior of your vehicle? What are the best methods for exterior detailing? If you want to learn some tips for exterior detailing and discover the best cleaning products to help your car look new, continue reading this article from HydroSilex

Tips for exterior detailing

Keep out of the sun

When washing your car, it's best to do it in an area that isn't directly exposed to sunshine. This will reduce the chance of water stains appearing after drying. Exposure to the sun will even evaporate the soapy water, leaving behind a residue that dulls the shine and makes your car look older than it actually is. In addition, cleaning windows in direct sunlight will leave streaks. 

Use a microfiber cloth

Instead of using a sponge or an old t-shirt, you should use a cloth made of microfiber. When washing the car, certain lower quality materials may only get rid of some of the dirt that you want to remove from the vehicle's surface. Even worse, the abrasive compounds may cause damage to the outside of your car. After you have finished washing, use a clean and dry microfiber towel to dry the vehicle. This way, you won't have to worry about wet marks forming on your freshly cleaned automobile.

Wax On

Waxing your vehicle's painted surfaces gives an additional layer of protection and helps bring back its natural shine. Intense sunlight, rain, and road debris are all things that could potentially damage your vehicle. If you reside in an area that often receives snowfall and the roads are salted to prevent ice buildup, your car needs your assistance in safeguarding it.

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Applying wax to the exterior of your vehicle as part of the cleaning process is a great way to provide protection to the paintwork at the same time as making your vehicle shine.

Shine the headlights

Headlights that are yellowed and cloudy are one of the quickest ways to determine the age of a vehicle. There are many different reasons why headlights get yellow and cloudy.

The most significant issue is the oxidation of the acrylic substance. This is a natural occurrence, but it is possible to avoid it by taking precautions. Be careful to remove any buildup of chemicals, dust, or filth from the headlight regions by washing them with auto soap and drying them with a microfiber cloth. After you have finished, put on a layer of polish to protect against the sun's rays. Your night-time vision and the headlight’s lifespan will be prolonged when you take these precautions.

Clean your windows correctly

You may be tempted to take a bottle of glass cleaner from inside your home, but it would be in your best interest to use a window cleaner that is designed specifically for use on vehicle glass instead.

If you have to use a glass cleaner from inside the home, use one that does not include ammonia. Ammonia free glass cleaners are usually safe to utilize on the glass surfaces of your automobile.

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Top products for exterior detailing at HydroSilex 



HydroSilex Recharge is our flagship product and the center of our entire product line. Recharge is the ideal ceramic coating for those that prefer to do it themselves.

  • HydroSilex Recharge creates a water-repellent protective surface layer.
  • It can be applied over an existing ceramic coating to maintain the surface. 
  • Six months of protection with our ceramic coating formula.
  • A Ceramic shield for your car's paint that replaces old wax and sealants.
  • A safeguard against nature's harshest elements.
  • Quick & easy application.
  • Safe on all exterior surfaces- Safe on Paint Protection Film.

HydroSilex Surface Prep Spray ( Rewind ) is a wax and grease remover ideal to use before installing HydroSilex ceramic coatings. For the ceramic coating to bond appropriately, the surface must be clean of any wax residue.

  • Safe and effective surface prep
  • Removes oils from surfaces to be coated
  • Leaves surface ready for coating
  • Strong on impurities, gentle on paint
  • It can be used as a standalone cleaner



HydroSilex Ceramic Glass Cleaner is a technologically advanced, SIO2-infused, powerful glass cleaning solution. The formula cleans your car windows very efficiently and leaves a streak-free finish. Our glass cleaner helps clean dirt, grime, haze, and film on your glass. The chemical composition also applies a protective SIO2 coating to the glass surface that helps repel water and helps keep the glass clean for longer. Safe for use on the interior and exterior glass. 

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