Do you wish to simplify your car cleaning needs? The wait is over for you with the arrival of HydroSilex's All-Purpose Cleaner.

It is safe to use on all paints, plastic, and rubber parts of your car, including tires, rims, engine bays, exhausts, etc. It is an all-purpose cleaner that degreases and decontaminates your whole vehicle.

It is an all-purpose product.

The All-Purpose Cleaner is a unique product that works on most vehicle parts. It cleans the metallic parts, rubber parts, plastic parts, and whole exterior of your car in a matter of seconds.

It Decontaminates

The decontamination of your vehicle is easy for this product since it contains potent chemicals that get rid of harmful contaminants and particulate, which might damage your car in the long run.

Much stronger than car wash soap

It is highly recommended to use it before your car wash to address the vital cleaning issue that a typical car wash cannot resolve. Furthermore, it is a much more potent agent than your usual soap used by your local car wash.

Suitable for all vehicles

All-Purpose Cleaner can shine and clean the surfaces of numerous vehicles, including RVs, Cars, Buses, and even boats.

Also, your vehicle loses its charm when stains, grease residue, and dirt are stuck. It is highly recommended to make this Cleaner a part of your car cleaning routine.

Great for Tires

Our Cleaner can address the tire problem that is often challenging to resolve. The brown marks on the car's tires can become a nightmare for most car owners. Fear not because this Cleaner can easily clean dirt that has been built up in them slowly. Also, it will dissolve any brown marks left on tires.

A Powerful Degreaser

Grease is perhaps the most stubborn agent that doesn't want to leave your car's surfaces. They get stuck to various places like engine bays, exhaust lines, engine heads, covers, and many other areas. You can get rid of them safely using our All-Purpose Cleaner.


HydroSilex has been around for more than 25 years, and it intends to stay much longer. Our products have occupied a larger market and are expanding with time.

Similarly, the All-Purpose Cleaner is one of a kind cleaner that must be at your disposal to take good care of your car. Also, most cleaners tend to leave a residue or small bits after their usage, while this one does not.