HydroSilex is happy to present another cleaning solution named Ceramic Soap or Ceramic Shampoo. It provides your vehicles with an ideal protective layer of Sio2, perfect for repelling water.

Furthermore, it also enhances your paint and ceramic coatings. It has provided the optimal finish to numerous car owners. It is easy to use, and the results have gained us many happy buyers.

Please keep reading to learn more incredible features that this product brings.

Adds Ceramic Protection

Does your car already have a ceramic coating? The Ceramic Shampoo will protect and boost the life of your coating while cleaning it with ease. It is thought on grime and gentle on paints and coatings. Also, it would be best if you remembered that it is not suitable to be used as a degreasing soap.

Ideal for most surfaces

It is an ideal Ceramic Soap for ceramic surfaces, and it enhances their life while protecting their coatings. However, it can also be used on other surfaces like paint, and the results are fantastic.

Highly concentrated

The Ceramic Soap or Shampoo is highly concentrated, meaning it is in the purest form when you purchase it. A small quantity of it will engulf your car in foam while providing a protective layer of a 'water repellant' membrane.

High foaming

During a car wash, the most prominent thing is the foam. The more the foam, the better it looks. A small quantity of Ceramic Shampoo is enough to cover your car with a foaming flood.

It is water repellant.

Once it is applied with your wash, it will create an extra layer of Sio2, which is highly water phobic or, in other words, 'a water repellant'. Similarly, it will provide you with a water-less exterior after your wash - meaning the water from bad weather or other causes will not stick to your car and will slide down.

Easy to use

You can use it in foam guns and canons to create a foaming flood over your car. It fills the environment with a blueberry scent to boost your mood.


HydroSilex is one of the finest brands to produce car maintaining chemicals and accessories. We have a massive number of loyal customers and an excellent online presence.

Our Ceramic Soap or Ceramic shampoo is a must-have ingredient for your subsequent car washes. It comes in two sizes which are 16oz and 1 gallon.