HydroSilex's Plastic and Leather Conditioner is another superb product to clean the interior of your cars. Since our products have been successful and have brought numerous returning customers, this one is also an innovative and effective formula.

A Clean Interior

After its application, you can expect an utterly dirtless interior. The specks of dirt and dust caused when you open your windows can become a permanent headache if not addressed appropriately. The Plastic and Leather Conditioner takes all the tough work n itself and provides you with a shiny and spotless interior.

Also, it keeps the cleaned form as it is for a longer time.

Removes oily spots

Oily stuff must be forbidden inside the car. It would be best if you refrained from eating anything inside the car because it is something that harms your car interior the most. However, who listens, right? But don't be worried about this Conditioner can address and take care of all the oily spots in seconds.

An excellent prep product

Do you wish to apply interior protection to your car? If you do, using Plastic and Leather Conditioner might be the first step unless your vehicle is brand new. It can act as an excellent preparation agent before applying interior protection to your car.

A factory-finish look

What is more? HydroSilex's Conditioner can transform your car inside into a brand new one. It will be like your car's interior is installed a few moments ago - a factory-finish outlook.

Clean all interior surfaces

This Conditioner can address all the parts of your car's interior. It will clean your leather seats, plastic hardware, dashboard, windows, and glasses.

Safe and easy to use

It is a safe product that does not affect the original colors or the interiors. If you read the instruction manual carefully, you can use it with ease and comfort.

Furthermore, this one is odor-less, so you don't have to worry about unpleasant smells.


HydroSilex is improving with every outgoing product. It intends to be your go-to seller whenever you require a car maintenance chemical product. Also, taking care of your car's plastics and leather is vital if you want it to look stunning. Our Plastic and Leather Conditioner may become your best friend in helping you take care of your car's wellbeing.