Introducing Recharge Ceramic Coating

Introducing Recharge Ceramic Coating


HydroSilex's Recharge Ceramic Coating is a wonder in itself. It is long-lasting protection for your car that can protect it for up to 6 months. This product has gained excellent reviews globally with affordable prices and superior results.

Thousands of satisfied and returning customers have benefited from its offered perks. Let's dive into the top advantages of HydroSilex's recharge ceramic coating.

It is long-lasting

The first and foremost advantage that ceramic coating brings to your cars is its long-lasting nature. The best car waxes worldwide only guarantee your car's protection for a few months, whereas our Recharge ceramic spray coating can last minimum of 6 months. This factor saves you a ton of money and provides a hassle-free car care experience.

Thousands of cars in your area lose their original color over time. It is excellent protection against ultraviolet radiation and can prevent the fading of your car's colors.

Furthermore, the ceramic coating will not only enhance your car's outlook but also will keep its value intact by protecting it from accidental scratches, acid rain, and other contaminants.

It is better than a car wax.

Even a single layer of HydroSilex's recharge ceramic coating can last for 6 months. On the other hand, ordinary car wax can wear off within a few short months of application, even weeks. What is more? It is less expensive and a little goes a long way.

It bonds with your car's original paint at a microscopic level and protects its originality for more extended periods.

Better cleaning power

Usually, your car needs to undergo a regular cleaning and washing routine with an ordinary wax to maintain its gloss and shine.

Similarly, regular washing can cause marring and minor swirl marks on the exterior of your car. With a layer of Recharge ceramic coating, you are protected from unwanted marks on your paint.

Also importantly, it creates a water repellant protective layer that helps to repel everything that lands on your paint from water to dust.

Six Months Protection

HydroSilex's ceramic coating formula is intended to give 100% protection for a period longer than six months. So, you can relax for this time without worrying about your ride's look.

Easy application

This product can be applied easily without any professional training, its a simple spray on application. 

More shine

Did you know that HydroSilex's Recharge Ceramic Coating is glossy and creates an amazing shine on your car’s paint - making it look showroom new for years.


After its application, your car's paintwork is enhanced to another level. Here at HydroSilex, you can find multiple types of car care products that suit your needs and expectations.

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