Introducing Recharge Interior Coating

Introducing Recharge Interior Coating


Recharge Interior Coating is an innovative formula to boost and maintain the interior of your car. It is universal and can be applied to any surface, including plastic, vinyl, leather, cloth, and carpet. HydroSilex is popular with its numerous products, which have won the hearts of thousands of happy customers. Here is why Recharge Interior Coating is an excellent choice.

Cleans all the dirt

To attain a shiny yet spotless car interior is every car owner's basic intent. By using Recharge Interior Coating, you can achieve that with much ease. It is an effortless process to apply it.

Excellent UV protection

Ultraviolet radiations are like cancer to your car's interior. This fantastic product of HydroSilex not only removes unwanted stains and spots but also protects against the color fading which are caused due to UV radiation.

Safe and easy to use

It is safe for all kinds of interior surfaces. Unlike other interior cleaning liquids, it does not harm any materials or their original colors. It is also straightforward, and anyone can apply this product with ease.  

Works on all interior surfaces

You don't have to purchase different products for various parts of your car's interior. Recharge Interior Coating by HydroSilex is an all-in-one that you can apply to your seats, carpets, plastics, vinyl, leather, and cloth.

The Recharge Interior Coating can also enhance the environment of your car by adding a pleasant and fresh odor to the air.

Provides long-term protection

What is best about this product is that it works for more extended periods of time. It is much more durable than other similar products on the market.

It will keep your car's interior in its prime for more longer.

We are not just claiming through words; you can read numerous customers' reviews who have used it and have left a five-star rating for our products.


HydroSilex has the most innovative and technologically advanced chemical plants and formulas that brings excellent products to your doorsteps. They are cost-effective, durable, and work like a charm.

Our customers become the ambassadors of our products once they get a taste of them. Also, you can verify our claims on our various online platforms and, of course, on our official website.