Introducing Rewind Surface Prep Spray

Introducing Rewind Surface Prep Spray


Hydrosilex is proud to present its Surface Prep Spray, which is needed to prepare the surface of your car for a ceramic coating.

Any prior grease and wax needs to be removed before you start applying the ceramic coating.

So, this product removes any residue and makes the surface of your car an ideal fit for ceramic coating to bond perfectly. After its application, the bonding results between surface and coating are fantastic. Keep reading how Hydrosilex Surface Prep Spray makes a difference and why you need it.

Originality is preserved

The original paint of your car never looked better. After applying Surface Prep Spray, any contaminants or residue that might have stuck to your car's surface is removed. Similarly, if the ceramic coating is used without removing those contaminants, it may not bond to the surface well, creating a poor bond means your coating may not last as long!

The original factory paint of your car remains intact, and you can add a layer of security in the form of ceramic coating.

It removes oils and grease

All the oils and grease resulting from earlier waxes or other applications are eliminated when applying our Surface Prep Spray. You might already know that removing oily substances is one of the most challenging jobs in car maintenance, which can be done with ease by using Hyrosilex's innovative surface prep spray.


Hydrosilex is one of the most notable names when car care and detailing comes to mind. Similarly, the innovations and use of cutting-edge chemical machinery have helped us create the perfect coatings and maintenance products. Your car couldn't ask for better protection.

Our Rewind Surface Prep Spray is one of the finest products we have brought to you to prepare your car's exterior for further applications.

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