RV Interior & Exterior Cleaning Tips

RV Interior & Exterior Cleaning Tips

Your mobile house has many inside and outside areas that will ultimately require a thorough cleaning. This is to be expected. Want to know how to remove black streaks from the outside of your camper? How about the best cleaner to use in your RV bathroom or on the leather seats? 

Check out some of our top tips for cleaning your RV!

The joy of RV ownership can be indescribable. However, this may also leave you wondering how to clean the walls of your RV and the interior and exterior of the camping trailer. The good news is that to get the job done, you may use specialized RV cleaning solutions or even RV cleansers that you make yourself.

The following are some RV cleaning suggestions to get you started in the right direction.

Start with a delicate spray down.

When you think about cleaning a recreational vehicle (RV), or a large car, it cannot be very safe.

To begin, give the area thorough spraying. This starting will assist in removing dirt, dust, and grime, and it will help you reduce the overall amount of labor needed.

Likewise, the best part is that it will make cleaning your RV seem a little less daunting. Also, hosing down the exterior first will help release any grime that may require a more thorough cleaning later.

Always work from top down.

When cleaning the outside of your RV, you should always start at the top and work your way down. Similarly, you'll need to rewash the bottom if you begin scrubbing at the bottom before bringing out your ladder. It is because dirt and grime will have streaked down while cleaning the top. Resultantly, you'll have to rewash the bottom.

Divide the work into smaller jobs

One more thing you can do to make the task seem less onerous is to divide the cleaning up into different portions. Also, it would be best if you began by visually slicing the outside of your RV into quarters. AND focusing on each section individually until the RV is spotless.

Similarly, the same is true for the inside of the vehicle. Proceed from section to section and area to area to ensure that every element of the interior of your RV receives the thorough cleaning required.

Lose the Awning

Awnings on recreational vehicles are notoriously difficult to clean for their owners.

A word of advice: do not make use of the legs. When the awning legs are removed, the awning itself will fall flat against the side of your RV. This will provide a good, challenging backdrop against which you can scrub the ceiling without worrying about straining the material or poking a hole.

Finally, this tactic makes everything much more straightforward and makes the process move faster overall.

Eliminate blank streaks

Any RV owner's worst nightmare is seeing black streaks on the exterior of their vehicle.

You need to find a cleaning product specifically for RV exteriors to get rid of them.

The next step is to spray the cleaner directly onto the black streaks and, if necessary, use a brush with soft bristles to work on the stain. Also, if the streak is in an area that is difficult to access, many panels come equipped with a threaded hole through which a broom or mop handle can be inserted to give you a more extended reach.

Be on the lookout for maintenance and repair options.

Keep an eye out for things that need to be mended while cleaning. Check to see if the tread on your tires is still excellent or if a nail is embedded in one of them while you tend them.

One of the most significant ways to check if your car is still road-ready is to clean it.

Use the proper cleaners.

Make sure you have all the necessary supplies before cleaning your RV. For instance, the following are the usual items:

  •   Cleaning wipes,
  •   All-natural toilet bowl cleanser.
  •   Multi-surface everyday cleaner.
  •   Other similar items.

Home remedies and opportunities for manufacturing your cleaner may also interest you. For example, a lemon half can remove water stains from bathroom hardware, bleach and vinegar to clean your washing machine, ammonia to clean cooktop burners, and more.

Likewise, all-natural cleaning products, usually found in your home, are effective and inexpensive.

Also, use only RV-specific toilet cleansers while cleaning your toilet to prevent damage to your RV's plumbing.

Moreover, many caustic chemicals are capable of causing significant damage, resulting in costly repairs. So, tread with care!

Use Proper Tools

When it comes to cleaning, an RV is a one-of-a-kind place to spend time. The most challenging part is making the most of every square foot. To accomplish so, make sure you have the appropriate cleaning equipment.

You can use a small vacuum cleaner stored in a small space to get the work done efficiently.

In addition, you'll want to look for small-footprint mops, folding step stools, and other equipment.

However, you can't cram too many cleaning supplies into your RV, or you'll run out of space for other necessities.

So, please look for tools to help you get the work done without taking much space in the RV.

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The Best RV Interior and Exterior Cleaning Products from HydroSilex.

HydroSilex Camper and RV

HydroSilex Camper & RV is a ceramic surface coating specifically formulated for motorhomes, campers, and RVs. The coating will enhance the visual appearance of surfaces treated and will protect from oxidation and harmful UV radiation. It creates an extremely slick and ultra-glossy surface that repels surface contaminants.

  • Keeps your RV looking newer for longer 
  • Spend less time cleaning your RV/ camper and more time enjoying it 
  • Up to 6 months of durable protection with just 1 application 
  • Simple spray on and wipe off formula 
  • No dry time allowing you to use the vehicle right away 
  • Makes recreational vehicles easier to clean as dirt and grime won't stick to the paint, Gelcoat, or trim
  • Replaces the need for any wax or paint sealant 
  • Can be used on paint, plastics, fiberglass, gelcoat and more 
  • Made in the USA

hydrosilex CAMPER & RV CERAMIC COATINGHydroSilex All-Purpose Cleaner

HydroSilex All-Purpose Cleaner is a technologically advanced all-purpose cleaner that blends powerful cleaning agents with a base that is safe to use on all surfaces. This very clever combination allows you to rely on HydroSilex All Purpose Cleaner for most cleaning tasks around a car, RV, boat, or home. Our formula is a ready-to-use mixture making it easy for you to use on-demand right out of the bottle. 

  • Powerful Degreaser to use on engine bays, wheel wells, exhaust tips, door jambs, and other heavy dirty areas 
  • An excellent option for cleaning dirt build up on your tires( instantly dissolves brown marks on your tires) 
  • Safe on paint, plastics, and metals
  • Cleans, degreases, and decontaminates
  • Use when you need something stronger than car wash soap
  • Made in the USA 


HydroSilex Wheel Cleaner is an advanced formula created to be effective and safe for all types of wheels focused on removing stubborn brake contamination such as metallic dust, grime, iron particles, and heavy buildup on wheels. The purple color change lets you know the product is hard at work cleaning your wheels.  Simply spray it on, let it sit for about 2-3 minutes, agitate the surface and rinse. 

  • Safe on factory clear coated, factory powder-coated, factory painted wheels and high-performance brakes ( Do NOT apply to cars with Carbon Ceramic Brakes)
  • A strong cleaner that breaks down iron and metallic buildup on your wheels 
  • Dissolves brake dust
  • Color-changing formula 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Spray on - Agitate wheel surface- Rinse for the perfect finish 


HydroSilex Ceramic Glass Cleaner is a technologically advanced, SIO2 infused, powerful glass cleaning solution. The formula cleans your car windows very efficiently and streak-free. Our glass cleaner helps clean dirt, grime, haze, and film on your glass. The chemical composition also applies a protective SIO2 coating to the glass surface that helps repel water and helps keep the glass clean longer  Safe on the interior and exterior glass. 

  • Streak-free performance
  • SIO2 Infused for long-lasting clarity 
  • Helps water and rain roll off the exterior glass with ease
  • Safe for tinted glass 
  • Excellent for interior or exterior glass
  • Makes cleaning windows effortless


HydroSilex Recharge Interior ceramic coating is a technologically advanced formula for automotive interiors. This sophisticated interior ceramic coating is based on the proven HydroSilex Recharge coating, with a formulation designed for all automotive interior materials such as plastic, vinyl, leather, cloth, and carpet.

  • Easy to apply interior ceramic coating
  • Safe on all interior surfaces
  • Durable long term protection
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Cost-effective