Tools And Products For Cleaning Wheels and Tires.

Tools And Products For Cleaning Wheels and Tires.

Allowing brake dust to accumulate on your car wheels for an extended time will eat away at the coating and pit the metal. Brake dust comprises an adhesive, carbon fibers from the brake pad, and tiny metal shavings from the rotor. This combination is particularly corrosive due to the strong heat and friction created by the car wheels. 

Because you most likely drive daily, additional brake dust is continually produced. Let HydroSilex show you the process of cleaning the car wheel and tire and introduce the products needed!

What happens to your car if the car wheels are dirty?

If your car's wheels are dirty, it can have a number of negative consequences:

Reduced performance: 

Dirt and debris on your car wheels can reduce their performance. For example, brake dust accumulation on your brake pads can impair their ability to grip the rotors and effectively slow down your vehicle.

Reduced fuel economy: 

Dirt and grime on your car's wheels can add weight to it, reducing its fuel efficiency. This is because your vehicle must work harder to move the additional weight.


Dirt and grime on your car wheels can corrode the metal or alloy, causing lasting damage if not cleaned. This is especially problematic in locations where roads are salt-treated during the winter, as salt can hasten the corrosion process.


Dirty wheels can make your vehicle appear untidy and unpleasant. This can be a problem if you want to maintain your car's value or impress someone with it.

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The Process Of Cleaning Car Wheels and Tires.


When washing your car, start with the car wheels and tires. It will prevent overspray and filth from spraying into clean panels. Utilize a separate wash and rinse bucket and a soft bristle brush to clean your wheels and tires with soap and water.


Select a wheel cleaner suitable for the sort of car wheels you have. Consider a more powerful wheel cleaner if the wheels have caked-on brake dust or if they haven't been cleaned in months or years. Tires need a more robust brush to clean the rubber thoroughly. Don't be hesitant to use some elbow grease, especially if your tires have layers of old dressings. If you don't brush them off, these layers will become brown, making your tires look worn out.


Always wash your tires and wheels one set at a time to prevent the wheel cleaner from drying out. Before going on to the next tire, wash and rinse with a powerful spray of water.


Remember to dry your car wheels! Once a towel has been used on the tires or wheels, it should only be used on them. Drying avoids water marks and aids in the removal of all brake dust.

Why do we have to frequently clean our car wheels and what are the benefits?


Clean car wheels can make your car look more appealing. This is particularly important if you're trying to maintain your car's value or impress someone with your vehicle.

Prevent corrosion: 

Dirt, grime, and other contaminants can cause corrosion on your wheels. If left unchecked, this corrosion can damage your car wheels and even spread to other parts of your car.

Improve performance: 

Dirt and debris can accumulate on your car wheels and impact their performance. For example, if brake dust accumulates on your brake pads, it can reduce their ability to grip the rotors and slow your car down effectively.

Better fuel efficiency: 

Clean car wheels can help maintain your car's optimal performance, which can improve its fuel efficiency. This is because your car won't need to work as hard to overcome the added resistance caused by dirty wheels.


Clean car wheels can help you maintain better control of your vehicle. For example, if your wheels are covered in mud, snow, or ice, it can reduce their grip on the road and make it harder to steer and stop your car.

Some Tools and Products At HydroSilex For Washing Car Wheel and Tire.

HydroSilex Wheel Cleaner is an advanced formula created to be effective and safe for all types of wheels and focused on removing stubborn brake contamination such as metallic dust, grime, iron particles, and heavy buildup on wheels. The purple color change lets you know the product is complex at work cleaning your wheels. Spray it on, let it sit for about 2-3 minutes, agitate the surface and rinse. 

  • Safe on factory clear coated, factory powder-coated, factory painted wheels and high-performance brakes ( Do NOT apply to cars with Carbon Ceramic Brakes)
  • A strong wheel cleaner that breaks down iron and metallic buildup on your wheels 
  • Dissolves brake dust
  • Color-changing formula 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Spray on - Agitate wheel surface- Rinse for the perfect finish 

WHEEL CLEANER hydrosilex

Contoured HydroSilex Tire Shine Applicator helps keep hands away from chemicals. The formed handle shapes the foam to the tire's surface.


HydroSilex Tire Shine is an innovative tire conditioning and shine product. Slick offers long-lasting, deep luster and smooth shine without the usual mess and sling. With unique color-matching technology, HydroSilex Slick darkens weathered tires to look brand new.

  • Easy to apply
  • Designed with no sling technology 
  • Silica-infused long-lasting formula
  • Provides a deep and dark finish 
  • leaves the perfect finish that's not too glossy, giving your tires a clean look 
  • Quick-drying 


When choosing a product at HydroSilex, we can ensure to deliver 100 percent of satisfaction. HydroSilex, with 25 years of experience in the car industry, provides superior products to leave your car in pristine condition.