Hydrosilex Bug Remover
Hydrosilex Bug Remover
Hydrosilex Bug Remover
Hydrosilex Bug Remover

Hydrosilex Bug Remover

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Bug Remover

Hydrosilex Bug Remover is an Advanced, Professional Grade Formula with Enzymes to dissolve bug splatter proteins while leaving a clean, streak free finish. Use as a pre-soak before washing to soften and Bug Splatter and to easily remove without scratching your paint's finish. Hydrosilex Bug Remover is Citrus scented and orange in color.

Recommended Use:

Spray directly on surface and allow Hydrosilex Bug Remover to dwell for 1 minute to allow the Bug Splatter to soften.  Next you may use a wash mitt with Hydrosilex Ceramic Soap to hand wash the area.  Rinse and dry.  You may also dry wash with a microfiber towel and Hydrosilex Bug Remover for those emergency wipedowns.


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