HydroSilex Glass Cleaner
HydroSilex Glass Cleaner

HydroSilex Glass Cleaner

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HydroSilex Ceramic Glass Cleaner is a technologically advanced, SIO2 infused, glass cleaning solution. The formula cleans your car windows very efficiently and streak free. The chemical composition also applies a protective coating to the glass surface that helps keep it clean longer.

  • Streak-free performance
  • SIO2 Infused for long-lasting cleaning
  • Safe for glass or tinted surfaces
  • Excellent for interior or exterior glass
  • For automotive, RV, marine or home use

 HydroSilex Glass Cleaner is available in 16oz and 32oz spray bottles.

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Interior or
Exterior Glass


Safe For
Tinted Windows


HydroSilex Glass Cleaner - SIO2 Infused

Our glass cleaning formula is ideal for interior and exterior glass. Designed for automotive use, yet equally good around the house, office, RV or boat.

Spray glass with a fine light mist of HydroSilex Ceramic Glass Cleaner. Make sure the glass is cool to touch in order to avoid streaks. Use a clean and dry microfiber towel to spread the solution over the entire surface of the glass. To finish it off, wipe to absorb any remaining solution and buff the glass to a perfectly streak-free shine.