Recharge Interior Ceramic Coating

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HydroSilex Recharge Interior ceramic coating is a technologically advanced formula for automotive interiors. This sophisticated interior ceramic coating is based on the proven HydroSilex Recharge coating, with a formulation designed for all automotive interior materials such as plastic, vinyl, leather, cloth, and carpet.

  • Easy to apply interior ceramic coating

  • Safe on all interior surfaces

  • Durable long term protection

  • Excellent UV protection

  • Cost-effective

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Easy to Apply
Interior Ceramic Coating

Safe On
All Surfaces



HydroSilex Recharge Interior Coating

Make sure areas to be treated are clean and cool. Do not work in direct sunlight. Spray an even mist over the surface to be coated. Work in small areas, one section at a time. Once you have even coverage of HydroSilex Recharge Interior coating, simply wipe excess with a microfiber towel. The action of wiping down will help to achieve an even layer. Let dry overnight for a long lasting invisible protective coating.