Hydrosilex Wheel Armor

Hydrosilex Wheel Armor

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Hydrosilex wheel armor is the newest in wheel protection! Brake dust is no match for this bond-able SiO2 Polymer Coating. Effortlessly flush away brake dust without harsh chemicals by lowering surface tension with Hydrosilex Wheel Armor. Keep your wheels glossy and slick with a durable and easy to use Formula in an 8 oz size!

For best results apply directly onto a clean wheel. After 30 seconds wipe in Hydrosilex Wheel Armor thoroughly with a 340 GSM or higher Microfiber Towel. You are finished wiping once the all streaks are wiped in. Dries after 15mins. For best cleaning of treated surface just use soap and water.

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Excellent Results Every Time

Rely on HydroSilex Wheel Cleaner for consistent results

HydroSilex Wheel Cleaner

Spray an even amount over the entire wheel surface. Let the solution remain on the wheel for 2-4 minutes to allow the cleaning agent to work. You will notice a color change and purple liquid start to run down your wheel. This is completely normal. Caution, if left on longer than the recommended time, the solution may damage the wheel surface. Rinse off the wheel with a high pressure hose. Use a good quality, clean microfiber towel, soft brush or wash mitt to remove any residual dirt left behind. Rinse and repeat as needed.