HydroSilex Plastic and Leather Interior Cleaner

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HydroSilex Interior Cleaner is a very thorough cleaner for interior plastic, leather, and vinyl surfaces. Our Interior cleaner is a powerful formula that breaks down the toughest stains, dirt, and build up that occurs on the interior of your vehicle. A specially designed formula that makes cleaning the interior of your car a breeze! 

  • Effective cleaner for all interior surfaces of your car 

  • Safe on all interior surfaces such as plastic, leather, carpets, and more

  • Removes dirt, grime, oils, and most stains 

  • Maintains all interior factory color and sheen 

  • Can be used as a prep product prior to applying interior protection 

  • Dye-free formula with an odor-free formula 

  • Restores your interior to factory finish 

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Designed to make your interior look brand new

Dye/Odor Free formula

All in one cleaner for Leather, plastic and more

Maintains original finish

Tough on stains, dirt, and grime

Powerful cleaning formula

HydroSilex Interior Cleaner

By using Interior Cleaner you are ensuring your car’s interior surfaces are in optimum condition to accept Recharge Interior making it more effective. The product can be used on its own to clean interior all surfaces regularly even if a ceramic coating isn’t going to be used afterwards.

Make sure the areas to be cleaned are cool to touch. Spray an even mist on surfaces you will be working on. Work the solution into the surface while wiping gently. The longer the cleaning solution is in contact with the surface to be prepped, the more effective it will be. Repeat as needed to achieve a clean surface.