DIY Ceramic Coatings: How To Apply A Ceramic Coating To Your Vehicle At Home?

DIY ceramic coatings Hydrosilex

Can DIY car detailers apply a ceramic coating at home? This is a common question that HydroSilex receives many messages and emails about! What is the best procedure to apply a ceramic coating without going to a detailing shop? Is a DIY ceramic coating as effective as one you would buy in a detailing center? Follow this article by the team HydroSilex to find out how to apply a DIY ceramic coating and get the best results!

What Are The Advantages Of Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coatings are perfect for enhancing a vehicle's shine and gloss. Listed below are several reasons to use a ceramic coating:

Minimize UV Rays

Ceramic coatings are a fantastic method for protecting the paint from the sun. They prevent the clear coat from cracking and fading and form a barrier against ultraviolet rays!

Protect from environmental contaminants

The acidic nature of bird droppings and tree sap damages the clear finish of a vehicle. Similarly, if mud is exposed to bright sunlight for an extended period, it becomes baked into the paint. Ceramic coatings, which fuse during installation to produce an invisible sacrificial barrier, are the optimal solution to protect your car from damage. 

Provide Hydrophobic Features

Ceramic coating has hydrophobic properties that guarantee that your vehicle's paint is cleaned every time it rains, causing water to form beads on these surfaces and capturing dirt as it runs off.

Instructions for Applying DIY Ceramic Coating at Home

Here are detailed instructions for applying DIY Ceramic Coatings.

Wash Your Car

To keep a clean look, we must eliminate these pollutants before applying the ceramic coating. Keep two buckets on hand, one for washing the car and another for cleaning it. When cleaning the vehicle, begin at the top and work your way down, as the lower panels typically contain more dirt, sand, and road grime.

Remove Chemical Decontamination

Use tar remover and iron-filing-based treatments to eliminate hazardous iron deposits. The products containing iron filings change color to indicate that they have been effectively removed from the vehicle. Additionally, use a clay bar and clay bar lubricant to eliminate any lingering impurities from your car.


Before putting a fresh layer of DIY Ceramic Coating on your vehicle, you must ensure that the paintwork is spotless, flawless, and transparent. A clean exterior will aid the performance of ceramic coating on a vehicle's paint. Therefore, you must use a polishing finish to eliminate all scratches and swirls. Polishing will bring a dazzling shine to the vehicle.

Spray with IPA

Spray a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water over the car's surface to remove any remaining polishing oils, and then wipe it off with a high-quality towel. This procedure will establish a precise adhesion between the ceramic coating and the vehicle's paintwork.

Apply DIY Ceramic Coating

Before applying the nano ceramic coating, thoroughly shake the bottle. Then, on the applicator, create a line of nano ceramic coating and work in 2 by two portions. Apply the coating from left to right and from top to bottom. Allow the coating to cure, but not for too long. Remove it using a microfiber towel of high quality, and never use it again on your automobile since the SiO2 absorbed by the towel can dry out and harm the paint if reused.

Curing Time

After applying nano ceramic coating, you should park your vehicle in a dry, cold place for about 24 hours. Avoid exposing your car to dampness, dust, rain, and moisture. During this period, keep your vehicle well away from water.

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Top Products For DIY Ceramic Coating At HydroSilex

For DIY ceramic coating applications, HydroSilex offers a full range of DIY ceramic coating products for beginners. Let's review our products and choose the best ones for your vehicle.

Recharge Ceramic Coating

HydroSilex Recharge

HydroSilex Recharge is the core of our product line and our flagship product. Recharge is the best ceramic coating for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

  • HydroSilex Recharge generates a water-repellent protective surface layer.
  • Can be put on top of an existing ceramic coating to preserve the surface.
  • Our ceramic coating solution provides six months of protection.
  • A ceramic shield that replaces outdated wax and sealants for your car's paint.
  • A protection from the worst forces of nature.
  • Rapid and simple application.
  • Safe for use on any outdoor surfaces.
  • On paint protective film, safe.

Ceramic Waterless Wash


HydroSilex Ceramic Waterless Wash is a cutting-edge, ultra-slippery compound designed to improve your auto detailing experience. The solution wraps pollutants with a slippery coating that allows dirt to easily wipe off the surface without leaving behind microscopic scratches. Given that the formula is ceramic-based, it is an excellent method for maintaining HydroSilex Recharge-coated surfaces.

  • Infused with SIO2 - Ceramic Formula
  • Leaves behind a gloss finish
  • Excellent as a fast detailer to clean off a dusty automobile.
  • A fantastic solution to keep HydroSilex Recharge
  • Compatible with uncoated, waxed, and ceramic-coated surfaces.
  • Waterless washing or quick detailing
  • A simple and efficient technique to clean your automobile without hurting the paint

All Purpose Cleaner


HydroSilex All-Purpose Cleaner is a technologically superior all-purpose cleaner with a safe foundation for all surfaces. This innovative combination enables you to rely on HydroSilex All-Purpose Cleaner for most home, RV, or boat cleaning activities. Our recipe is a ready-to-use combination, making it simple to use directly from the bottle on demand.

  • Use this potent degreaser on engine bays, wheel wells, exhaust tips, door jambs, and other soiled places.
  • An exceptional choice for clearing tire grime ( instantly dissolves brown marks on your tires)
  • Non-corrosive to paint, plastics, and metals.
  • Cleans, degreases, and decontaminates
  • Use when something stronger than vehicle wash soap is required.
  • Made in the USA

Now you know how to apply DIY ceramic coatings at home! We hope that this information from HydroSilex will benefit car owners. If you are interested in our ceramic coating products, visit the HydroSilex website at for more information about our products.