What Are The Best Products For Ceramic Coating Aftercare?

What Are The Best Products For Ceramic Coating Aftercare?

Ceramic coating is an effective coating for protecting vehicles under harsh weather conditions. It also gives a high gloss finish to your cars! Ceramic coating is a wise investment that we need to maintain so it last for years! Let HydroSilex show you the ways and the best products for protecting your Ceramic Coating!

How To Wash Your Ceramic Coated Car?

You want to ensure that your vehicle's beautiful ceramic coating lasts. Depending on the ceramic coating you pick, it may last anywhere from 2 to 5 years. However, it must be kept in excellent shape to last this long. Here are some pointers to help you extend the life of your coated surface!

Using Two Buckets for Washing

Use the right approach while washing your vehicle to guarantee that your ceramic coating lasts as long as possible. A two-bucket cleaning method is usually used to care for your ceramic finish. You may prolong the life of your car's Ceramic Coating and get a streak-free surface.

Make Use of a Proper PH Soap

Ideally, you should use a pH neutral shampoo. It will give you the best finish after cleaning your car while also increasing the life of the ceramic coating. To wash and maintain the appearance of your coating, consider using a soft microfiber mitt.

Schedule regular maintenance.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is the most effective way to keep your ceramic coating looking new. Polishing your automobile regularly can keep it glossy and beautiful.

The Best Products For Maintaining Ceramic Coating at HydroSilex.

HydroSilex Ceramic Waterless Wash is an advanced ultra-slick formula created to enhance your car detailing experience. The solution encapsulates contaminants with a slippery coat, allowing dirt to easily be wiped off the surface without leaving micro scratches behind. Since the formula is ceramic-based, it is a great way to maintain surfaces coated with HydroSilex Recharge.

  • SIO2-Infused - Ceramic Formula
  • Leaves behind a gloss finish
  • Works great as a quick detailer to wipe down a dusty car
  • An excellent solution to maintain HydroSilex Recharge
  • Can be used on un-coated, waxed, or ceramic coated surfaces 
  • Waterless washing or quick detailing
  • Quick and easy way to wipe down your car without harming the paint


Hydrosilex Ceramic Soap is specifically designed to give your paint optimal performance, our ceramic infused soap leaves behind a thin layer of sio2 that helps your paint become more water repellent( hydrophobic). This soap is also designed to help maintain your ceramic coated vehicle and can be used as a stand-alone soap. Our soap is a high foaming, highly concentrated formula safe to use on all paint finishes.  

  • Ideal wash soap for ceramic coated surfaces 
  • Tough on grime, gentle on coating and paints, not designed as a degreasing soap
  • Highly concentrated and high foaming 
  • Helps to maintain the coating on your vehicle 
  • Can be used in foam guns or foam cannons 
  • Blueberry scented 
CERAMIC SOAP hydrosilex


HydroSilex Recharge is our flagship product and the center of our entire product line. Recharge is the ideal ceramic coating for those that prefer to do it themselves.

  • HydroSilex Recharge creates a protective surface layer that is water repellent.
  • Can be applied over an existing ceramic coating to maintain the surface. 
  • 6 months of protection with our ceramic coating formula.
  • A Ceramic shield for your car's paint replaces old wax and sealants.
  • A safeguard against nature's harshest elements.
  • Quick & easy application.
  • Safe on all exterior surfaces- Safe on Paint Protection Film 


HydroSilex Deluxe Kit can be purchased as a16oz. Kit includes:

  • Recharge - HydroSilex Recharge protects virtually any type of surface. Easy installation, and once cured, it creates a transparent top layer that adds gloss and protects from the elements.
  • 10 pack of Microfiber Towels - Professional grade and specifically designed to prevent scratching of the vehicle's paint through use.

HydroSilex is the best place for providing high quality products for protecting and enhancing your vehicle! With 25 years of experience, HydroSilex will bring the most satisfaction to all customers with our products! Visit our website at https://www.hydrosilex.com to choose the best products for maintaining your ceramic coating!