How To Apply Ceramic Coating Spray?

Ceramic Coating Spray Hydrosilex

Have you ever heard of ceramic coating spray? It is a new protective coating that protects your vehicle's paint. Read this article from HydroSilex to get all the information about ceramic coating spray and the process of applying it.

What Is Ceramic Coating Spray?

Ceramic Coating Spray Hydrosilex

Spray-on ceramic coatings are less expensive and simpler to apply than conventional ones. Although it will not last as long as a traditional pro-grade ceramic coating (five to six years), it may still endure for a considerable time when the cost is considered.

Ceramics are inorganic compounds consisting of metallic and nonmetallic elements. Silicon dioxide, known as SiO2 or silica, is one of the most widespread and readily available ceramics.

Ceramic materials are very abrasion-resistant and highly durable. UV radiation, heat, chemicals, and acids do not affect ceramics. It is very stable under a wide array of environmental conditions.

Is Ceramic Spray Better Than Wax?

The answer is yes. Ceramic protectants are more resistant to heat, ultraviolet rays, bird droppings, environmental pollution, and road grime than wax.

How To Apply Ceramic Coating Spray?

Ceramic coating spray will benefit both car owners and your vehicle. HydroSilex will now instruct you on how to apply ceramic coating spray to keep your vehicle in pristine condition.

Step 1: Wash your car

  • Wash your car with a proper pH neutral shampoo. 

Step 2: Spray rewind ceramic coating

  • You should not park you car in the direct sun during application. Then you spray the ceramic coating.
  • Let it sit quickly for a second, and then we use the microfiber to clean it, so it doesn't damage the car's paint. This step makes sure that we have a non contaminated surface..
  • Buff from top to bottom.

HydroSilex - The best ceramic coating spray product.

Recharge Ceramic Coating

hydrosilex recharge ceramic coating gloss

HydroSilex Recharge is the centerpiece of our product range and our flagship product. Recharge is the best ceramic coating for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

  • HydroSilex Recharge generates a water-repellent protective surface layer.
  • Can be put on top of an existing ceramic coating to preserve the surface.
  • Our ceramic coating solution provides six months of protection.
  • A ceramic shield replaces outdated wax and sealants for your car's paint.
  • Protection from the worst forces of nature.
  • Rapid and simple application.
  • Compatible with all external surfaces and paint protection film

Recharge Interior Ceramic Coating

HydroSilex Recharge Interior ceramic coating is a technologically advanced formula for automotive interiors. This advanced ceramic interior coating is based on the successful HydroSilex Recharge coating, with a formulation suited for all automobile interior materials, including plastic, vinyl, leather, fabric, and carpet.

  • Easy to apply the ceramic interior coating
  • 100% interior surface safety
  • Durable 
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Cost-effective

Offroad Ceramic Coating

hydrosilex offroad ceramic coating gloss

HydroSilex Offroad is a ceramic coating created and manufactured exclusively for off-road vehicles. The Offroad coating is based on our signature HydroSilex Recharge, which has been upgraded to be more durable and slicker. The coating improves the aesthetic appeal of treated surfaces and facilitates their upkeep. HydroSilex Offroad generates a surface that repels dirt, mud, sand, and grime. The surface becomes hydrophobic, which repels water. It makes cleaning an off-road vehicle considerably simpler and allows less debris to adhere to the surface.

  • Based on our trademark Recharge recipe, but with increased slickness and longevity.
  • It makes it simpler to clean off-road vehicles by preventing mud/dirt/water and pollution from adhering to the bodywork and paint.
  • It may be used on paint, plastics, metals, vinyl, suspension, wheels, textured surfaces, and glass, among other surfaces!
  • Improves the gloss and look of any off-road vehicle.
  • Ceramic coating is designed for extreme environments and heavy-duty usage.
  • This product is simple to apply and may be used minutes before off-roading.
  • Multiple coats may be applied for improved performance with no cure time.
  • Repels water

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Camper and RV Ceramic Coating

hydrosilex camper and rv gloss

HydroSilex Camper & RV is a ceramic surface coating for motorhomes, campers, and recreational vehicles. The layer will increase the aesthetic appeal of treated surfaces and protect them against oxidation and UV radiation. It produces an ultrasmooth and ultra shiny finish that repels surface impurities.

  • Keeps your RV looking newer for longer
  • Spend less time cleaning your RV/camping vehicle and more time enjoying it with up to six months of durable protection with just one application simple spray on and wipe off formula.
  • No dry time, permitting immediate vehicle use.
  • It makes cleaning recreational vehicles simpler since filth does not adhere to the paint, Gelcoat, or trim.
  • Replaces the need for wax and paint sealant
  • Can be used on paint, plastics, fiberglass, gel coat, and more surfaces.
  • Made in Americ

Ceramic spray solutions are inexpensive and simple to use, allowing automobile owners to apply their coatings. HydroSilex is a leading business in the car care industry. We provide car owners with ceramic coated goods of superior quality. If you are interested in HydroSilex's ceramic coating products, please visit our website at