Introducing The Enthusiast Kit

Introducing The Enthusiast Kit


HydroSilex's products have worked wonders for many buyers. However, there is so much variety in the products that consumers look for a simple solution to all their problems. Keeping that in mind, we have already launched a few 'universal' interior and exterior cleaners and coatings. Nonetheless, a car is not made of a single material, and there are thousands of cars types worldwide. Now, taking all that into account, HydroSilex has achieved a marvel.


Presently, we are introducing the Enthusiast Kit, which contains the answers to all your problems in one pack. Yes, it is simplified, and you don't have to worry about numerous issues.

Please keep reading to find out more about Enthusiast Kit and understand how its a great tool for your arsenal.

The Enthusiast Kit

This incredible kit comes with three spray bottles, a Rewind, a Recharge, and a Silica Soap. Furthermore, you are provided with a 10 pack of microfiber towels.

The Rewind

The first product in this kit is called the Rewind, which removes all the greasy surfaces and other contaminants that may damage the surface of your car. It is also a wax remover that must be used before applying HydroSilex ceramic coatings.

The Recharge

The second part of the product is the Recharge which can be used on any surface. It is easy to use and creates a glossy and transparent layer that protects the body from any damaging elements. Moreover, it creates shine, and your car looks graceful.

The Silica Soap

This is the third part of our Enthusiast kit called the Silica Soap, ideal for applying on ceramic-coated surfaces. Suppose you have used an earlier ceramic coating and wish to renew its looks. You can apply the Silica Soap, which will continue the ceramic coatings outlook while providing it an extra gloss.

Microfibre towels

A typical towel can cause tiny scratches to your car surface, which are not usually visible during or sometime after your car wash. After some time, when everything dries, those scratches become visible to the naked eye.

To address that issue, HydroSilex provides you with 10 pack of Microfibre towels included in the Enthusiast Kit. Furthermore, using these towels for your car's maintenance and cleaning will eliminate the possibility of scratches on your car's surface.


The Enthusiast Kit by HydroSilex is one of a kind and is a must-have for every car enthusiast and owner. It is a cost-effective combination of car maintenance and cleaning products you often need.