What Is The Process Of Detailing The Exterior of a Car?

What Is The Process Of Detailing The Exterior of a  Car?

Car Detailing is essential for our vehicles - especially cleaning the exterior. But do you know exactly the process of cleaning the surface? Follow this article on how it works and the products for exterior car washing.

The Process of Detailing The Exterior.

Washing the exterior involves three stages to eliminate dirt, dust, and other loose pollutants.


First, do the preliminary wash. The prep wash removes loose dirt, dust, and debris from the vehicle. Always remember to wash from the top down.


First, thoroughly wash and rinse the car. Then, using a fresh batch of car wash shampoo as a clay lubricant, clay the vehicle. Finally, rinse and thoroughly dry the car. Using detailer's clay during the preliminary wash is advised for automobiles with minimum surface contamination.


Polishing the paint removes minor subsurface damage and shines the paint surface. A genuine polish will not preserve the paint surface; this is reserved for the waxing process. Polishing your car's surface smoothes, clarifies, and cleans it. Polishing may remove minor scratches but also damage paint, so use minimal pressure when polishing by hand.

The Best Exterior Car Detailing At HydroSilex.

HydroSilex Surface Prep Spray ( Rewind ) is a wax and grease remover ideal to use prior to installing HydroSilex ceramic coatings. For the ceramic coating to bond properly, the surface needs to be clean from any wax residue.

  • Safe and effective surface prep
  • Removes oils from surfaces to be coated
  • Leaves surface ready for coating
  • Strong on impurities, gentle on paint
  • Can be used as a standalone cleaner


HydroSilex Recharge is our flagship product and the center of our entire product line. Recharge is the ideal ceramic coating for those that prefer to do it themselves.

  • HydroSilex Recharge creates a protective surface layer that is water repellent.
  • Can be applied over an existing ceramic coating to maintain the surface. 
  • 6 months of protection with our ceramic coating formula.
  • A Ceramic shield for your car's paint that replaces old wax and sealants.
  • A safeguard against nature's harshest elements.
  • Quick & easy application.
  • Safe on all exterior surfaces- Safe on Paint Protection Film.


HydroSilex Ceramic Glass Cleaner is a technologically advanced, SIO2 infused, powerful glass cleaning solution. The formula cleans your car windows very efficiently and streak-free. Our glass cleaner helps clean dirt, grime, haze, and film on your glass. The chemical composition also applies a protective SIO2 coating to the glass surface that helps repel water and helps keep the glass clean longer Safe on the interior and exterior glass. 

  • Streak-free performance
  • SIO2 Infused for long-lasting clarity 
  • Helps water and rain roll off the exterior glass with ease
  • Safe for tinted glass 
  • Excellent for interior or exterior glass
  • Makes cleaning windows effortless
GLASS CLEANER hydrosilex


HydroSilex Wheel Cleaner is an advanced formula created to be effective and safe for all types of wheels and focused on removing stubborn brake contamination such as metallic dust, grime, iron particles, and heavy buildup on wheels. The purple color change lets you know the product is hard at work cleaning your wheels. Simply spray it on, let it sit for about 2-3 minutes, agitate the surface and rinse. 

  • Safe on factory clear coated, factory powder-coated, factory painted wheels and high-performance brakes ( Do NOT apply to cars with Carbon Ceramic Brakes)
  • A strong cleaner that breaks down iron and metallic buildup on your wheels 
  • Dissolves brake dust
  • Color-changing formula 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Spray on - Agitate wheel surface- Rinse for the perfect finish 
WHEEL CLEANER hydrosilex

HydroSilex offers the most creative and technologically sophisticated chemical facilities and formula, bringing high-quality items to your door. They are class leading, long-lasting, and perform well everytime.